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April 12, 2011



Got my copy a couple days ago and look forward to reading it. Before I crack it open, is it about the (biblical) role of government? I was hoping it would be more about reconciling our "private faith" with our "public actions".


Chuck, I think that's an EXCELLENT question! Definitely a more engaging question than "what is the role of government?" (which is valid but only part of it).

As you know, we disagree on a lot, but I think the questions you're raising deserve thoughtful conversation.


Chuck, I started reading your book last night. Your publisher sent me a copy to review for the two blogs I write for. I'll let you know when I write them.

So far I'm very impressed with your propositions about how we ought to read scripture. Chapter 1 was really great!


Thanks, Doug, look forward to hearing more as you read through:)

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