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March 24, 2010



what's silly is the seriousness with which the repubs make such pronouncements. (dems make silly "serious" pronouncements as well).

david beasley

Politics & the universe?

“We have a complete inventory of the universe,” Sean Carroll, a California Institute of Technology cosmologist, has said, “and it makes no sense.”

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THAT is funny, david!!!!!

david beasley

Imitatio Mad March Hare?

In an indictment against the nine unsealed on Monday, the Justice Department said they were part of a group of apocalyptic Christian militants who were plotting to kill law enforcement officers in hopes of inciting an antigovernment uprising, the latest in a recent surge in right-wing militia activity.
-- NYT
Published: March 29, 2010


oh, such fun. there's a lot to disapprove of of government but this is terrorism, over which we are in two illegal and senseless wars. what makes homegrown terrorism "better"?

david beasley

You know, zero,
I'll bet there were some in the pre-American Revolution of 1776 who thought things were getting pretty bad. Armed revolt against the King of England!!! "Apocalyptic Christian Militants" today are to me an insane group of folk with a mentally disturbed world view.

But then I lived through the 1950's in Montgomery, Alabama and was indeed aware of Rosa Park's wonderful spark of civil disobedience... though I was not aware of how wonderful and awesome it was until a decade later when things got hotter in the Deep South and I began to read Thoreau and Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. in context to my Christian understanding of The Prince of Peace's commandment to "love your enemy" which is sooo much harder he explained so lovingly / proddingly than to love only your friends.

And now we read that The Justice Department is getting around to calling King W's illegal wire taps "illegal"!!! Boy that is one thing among a poopload of bad that went down because of and by W.

We must love W., eh... and point out to him and any who think like him that he and they are wrong in their sowing and the reaping part is in jeopardy of hell fire and eternal damnation. Choice is so... choice.


except they don't believe they are wrong.

david beasley

"Beliefs"? Probably just staying in the flow of the way they know and enjoy best.

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