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March 10, 2010



too many of those elected are just embarrassments.


i'll just talk to myself......

boy! it was great out today; sunny and 75 degrees. it's still 65 as the sun is going down. spring is coming! hope all of you are getting spring as well. it's been a long, hard winter.


wow, warm out there ,zero:)

david beasley

There seems to be a dam in the flow of Imitatio Christi.
Is an imitation of someone be a hypocrit?

1.a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
2.a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.
Use hypocrite in a Sentence
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1175–1225; ME ipocrite < OF < LL hypocrita < Gk hypokritḗs a stage actor, hence one who pretends to be what he is not, equiv. to hypokrī́(nesthai) (see hypocrisy) + -tēs agent suffix

—Related forms
hyp·o·crit·i·cal, adjective
hyp·o·crit·i·cal·ly, adverb
su·per·hyp·o·crite, noun
un·hyp·o·crit·i·cal, adjective
un·hyp·o·crit·i·cal·ly, adverb
—Can be confused: hypercritical, hypocritical.
deceiver, dissembler, pretender, pharisee.

Woe be us if we must follow the fluff ball likes of Sara Palin's "particular" examples of hypocrisy and stupidity. Obama's hypocrisy is leading us down the Bush/Cheney path of hypocrisy in such an intellectually transparent cloak of "good doing/doing good bs". We need a true savior, a lamb, no more now than any other time in this world. Opps. We have one in Jesus of Nazareth and his blood has already flowed... broke the dam between us and Him and divine communication that is love betwixt and between all for one another... not violence and certainly not a Sara Palin fluff ball attitude towards such things as life and death matters. I would certainly benefit as a poor person (not a millionaire like Sara) from socialized medicine. In Christ though We don't have to act like anyone anymore... just "be peace" (oddly enough that phraseology comes from Buddhist leadership which in my Christian heritage world view is sad that it does not come from Christian leadership which is so full of rationalizations and world based "righteiousness exclusion clauses" like "just war" which is nothing but Lamech's song and dance celebrated and continued through the likes of a hero worship of a man, a saint to evangelicals, who decided another was ultimate evil and deserved to be murdered). Who is washed in the blood of the lamb?
Cheers yall.


the warm and sunny were fleeting as it's cold and dreary again. oh, gray skies, we'll miss you not! however, the first of the spring bulbs are blooming so warmer is approaching, there's no doubt mr chuch.

we do have a lamb, david, in the form of christ. i've been noting with interest jim wallis' ongoing "discussion" with glenn beck (via written words in response to beck's commentary)that christians turn away from churches who promote social justice! beck clarified that he meant government dispensing social justice. but if persons are christians shouldn't those principles that are a part of what social justice becomes follow them into any work they undertake, government or private sector?

david beasley

Once washed is one always clean? Is the "be perfect as God is perfect" model commandment from Jesus the first to go in rational minds and hearts?
I wonder if we are speaking to a dead theology that science enlightened us out of, gave us existential black and whites and greys, took the thunder bolts out of God's proofs for fire against the baals, and left us with knowledge/science that we keep finding is more stupid than blind fundamental faith.

I just pray that people in the armed services for America USA would simply disengage their government's war. They have that decision. Even though I am called more than callouse for such commentary about their so called sacrifices. And then getting over that work on negating in country NRA concerns. Poverty. Homelessness. Hunger. Clothing. Worship. Joy. Sharing. World Community. Burn the cloth flags and simply kneel to the level of an Iris in bloom. This bloom takes its name from a Greek word for "rainbow" and in Texas I was told they are called "spring flags".
A really beautiful hopeful song here:
"Are you washed in the blood of the lamb"

david beasley

zero, if you youtube:
Two more pertinent songs to figuring out governments and faith walks and war and hypocrisy and such even as tickling not sexual... I guess.
(forgive not insync with vid)


the all volunteer army isn't volunteer. the job availability is manipulated and school fails some so that there will always be a pool of those who will enter the military because they have no other options. keeping college costs high serves the same end. (this is in addition to those who actually join cause they want that life or believe in the wars our government undertakes). i am not anti-military per se and definitely NOT anti-soldier. i do no believe in war, any war. we have talked much on this blog about the just war but i just don't trust those that make the decision to send our soldiers into war to be telling us the truth about what constitutes why we are going to war and what keeps us there. my rabidly republican parents are against the war in afghanistan. they say there's not one american soldier's life worth anything about that conflict. if my parents feel that way then something has to be wrong with our being there. if war so so great everyone who wants one should be the first to go. no exceptions. and if politicians want war, it should be mandatory that their of age offspring have to be the first go to. we'll see how great war is then. thanks for the links, mr beeezleeeee. did anyone watch the kucinich resolution to exit afghanistan debate in the house this week? the "for" staying in afghanistan were all rah, rah, rah and never really offered anything of substance as to why the war should continue. grrrrr.......

it wouldn't seem that once washed always clean. after all we have to do the laundry and take showers regularly. upkeep.

david beasley

zero, police are good for us I believe too. But when hired out to do the work of international capitalism paid politicians or any other governing body the soldiers honor to humanity's duty should become personaland as sincere with life and death consequences to his superiors as to his enemies. That is the point I mean when a soldiers own alligiance to duty becomes the enemy.

Police action can be seen in bee hives. This bit I wrote from this prose poem:

"Their warning on a dark overcast day nearing rainfall which keeps them and thus a bit tense inside
was indeed an immediate agitated dancing, unmistakably responsive and responsible, and two among a dozen protectors pointed up in the air their bottom's tiny black potent stingers and like boogie dancers in jazz bands wagged bodies of honey bronze fuzz in my much much much larger than them net hooded face. Or more like tiny unconditional warriors, their preciously dear swords warn bravely to protect theirs... and deep down in her golden house of wax and honey their queen" :)


excellent, david! loved that bit of writing about the bees. they are doing what they are supposed to do, protect. the world isn't without threat but there's appropriate and inappropriate responses to threats. war is usually inappropriate.

david beasley

zero, one reason I am not in a church as a leader or follower is this conflict:

I still interpret Jesus of Nazareth's non violent ministry and proclamation as a gospel 100% pacifist. My Christ does not call me to violence. I guess I have always been conflicted in this world view. And I really wonder if I am wrong about pacifism, a peace of mind that transcends violence in judgement and righteousness, what hell will be like after Jesus the judge says, "I don't know you." I would not ask others to kill for me. I would ask them to come to know the pacifist Jesus of Nazareth and join this conflicted mind set I know that seems only God (Of the Old Testament and Jesus' Father) can resolve through the Holy Spirit coming at sometime somewhere before judgement day with comforting news like a personal experience outside of biblical readings and misinterpretations or misunderstandings of such matters. Habukkuk's entirety is a powerful reading on this subject to me... as well as The Gospels.

People really don't care much for conflicted folk like me. The conflicted "Christ in me" would say take the "usually" out of your last sentence up above... as I smoke my bee hive to calm them into leaving their guard posts, protective agitation warnings and inate will to die by stinging an intruder and causing them to go running inside their queen's dark house.

What is a hoot in bee keeping is to be so passive that the protector bees do not need smoke as you work with them and they simply will fly up to crawl on your face and hands and cloths, usually just above the eyes on the forehead, and do not sting. When I am not in a hurry that has happened more than once BUT while once I lost it, that calm, and swatted and got stung. That sting can kill some people you know.


then certainly stay calm and go slow, david. wouldn't want your bees to get you. perhaps, i'm thinking, others would only feel uncertain of you as a conflicted pastor, because they have need of stability beyond themselves and look to a church leader for that. but i do believe there are enough others "out there" like you who would be happy to form a community with you. your message of peace wouldn't be solely about pacifism anyway. it would be about the peace of christ. and that permeates all aspects of life. i noted with interest that while that staunch catholic stupak of the house who would scuttle the entire health care reform bill if he doesn't get his way on abortion language, a pro-life group has come out in favor of passage of the bill. perhaps, as peaceful members of the community, they understand that access to health care for all (medicare for all, i hope) is being PRO-life.


this is part 2 (link to 1 therein) to an excellent discussion about conservative christianity by richard hughes. long but worth the read. mr chuch, do you know who mr hughes is?


Interesting link, mr zero.

Interesting too is the news about the Texas State Board of Education's decision regarding textbooks on social studies.

It seems the Mr. Hughes' observations regarding "conservative" Christians are verified by such a decision.


indeed, indeed, evagrius. when the dark ages happened after so much progress in the world i wondered why and how that could happen. we need only look at what happens today, like the texas state board of education, to see how dark ages occurs. this isn't something i understand. not at all.


and, it is Ms. Zero:)

david beasley

Last Night 3/19/2010

past.present. future.
in me.
dark greenly aged bricked tranquil koi pond.
bamboo. black pine. weeds. a finch.
sunlight sparkles their watery golden gliding.

I am this dream's all things in it.
like silent bubbles from the pond's bottom surface.

frog in mossy wall.
ahhh. I know you. I know you.
tranquility is broken.
ear eye dreamtime dreamt. ahh. ha.
the historical surface really ripples circles.
tranquility returns. centuries of it.
in sequence.

I breath him briefly dreamed.

wroughtings like the aged deaf Beetovan.

has the emperor's army provided me this moment's peace?

dreamt. a surreal manifesto brush & colored ink on ether...


ah, it's good to keep them guessing, mr loopy!

how are you doing? still thinking of you...


frog in mossy wall.

that's cool imagery...

david beasley

Having seen a photo in the NYT of the B'ham Al, race battles between African Americans and city police:
Thought this might be interesting as a memory story:

He was named
"Satan" or maybe "Devil", or "Diablo"
[yall get the idea]
some people with eyes more intense
I have met
This man had had his policedog german shepherd (shepherd?) on leash
the notable black coat dog photographed
by Charles Moore
in Birmingham Alabama 1963
powerful water hoses, bigots and big dogs

I was getting a divorce
in 1987 and
my lawyer sent to my place in the country
his warrent server (yet another story)

who leaned against my car's trunk that summer day
and told me his story
in passing time, waiting to serve my rebuttal to my ex

He said, "Remember the 1963 day we hosed and charged the blacks with dogs? That's me in the LIFE photograph with that black policedog taking a bite out that *****'*
His name is
[I forget now 23 years later]
"Satan" or "Devil" or Diablo".
he continued as if making me an sales offer, "I still sell black policedogs that are his offspring."
Well he went on to entertain me as I nearly swooned several times in horror at his stories.
Showed me his revolver and spoke of how he used it when serving warrents "sometimes" and how [I am not sure if he was putting me on about this]"I load this 44 magnum with alternating bullets in the chamber 44's and 357's so the blast of the 44 will shake em up and the accuracy of the smaller calibur I can get a better shot to kill" He flicked the chamber closed and holstered the hip gun
and he looked at me with eyes
more intense than
a cotton mouth water moccasin
I once caught and held to entertain and demonstrate and warn against that lethal work of God to
wide eyed gawking kids at The YMCA Camp
on Lake Jordan
where I was a councilor
my teenage years [as I reflect in 2010] seems so long ago. That was also the summer of 1963 when Birmingham Alabama and men and women demanding their rights as humans and citizens had their troubled times in the hot deep South city streets.

It is very beautiful down here in SC this year. No late hard frost! Our Japanese Magnolia for the first time not flower kill'd by frost has caused people in the neghborhood to stop their cars to appreciate it's beauty. And my wife's frontyard garden.

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