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February 11, 2010



I hear people make that comment all the time. To which I always respond "Actually, the better term is climate change." They tend to focus on how cold it is, which really only proves the climate change thing, but they don't seem to realize that.

You're right: they should just stamp "I'm an Idiot" on their face.


yeah, like the photo of the dude at the 9/12 rally in dc this last year. he had a sign about people he didn't agree with being MORANS!!!!! or those seniors at last summer's townhalls yelling about no public option in health care reform but don't touch their medicare. they can't say they are stoopid or idiots because they just don't understand just how brainless they really are.

faux moos intentionally misrepresents. this is why all those stoopid, idiot morans are sooooooooo dumb. they let faux dudes and radio ranters like liebaugh think for them.

david beasley



Here's an interesting web site. Scroll down a bit and you'll see a global map showing temperatures reaching new records in warmth since at least 1979.
Notice the heat over eastern Canada. The post explains that this heat has blocked the usual Artic air which is now going further south to the U.S.

It's quite true. I live in Montreal. The last two winters had a large amount of snow with a lot of snoway days and quite cold. This winter has been warmer than usual with a lot less snow. In fact, the snow has melted so much that one can see the ground in many places.

I'm intrigued by the confluence of global denialists, "conservative", ( i.e; "traditional")religion advocates, "conservative" political advocates, "free market" advocates, anti-gay and anti-feminists advocates. An unusual soup.


it all adds up to fear. people fear change and this is significant. rather than face it it's denied. business denies it because it's feared money won't be made hand over fist and/or lost. we could face it and adapt and be much better off but that doesn't seem to be how the masses operate. china, that repressive, communist country is already on top of "green" and we, the mighty u.s. will be left behind all in the name of preserving the "greatness" of big business. climate change plus this global economic crisis is ending life as we know it and washington fiddles.

david beasley

USA Washington and Wall Street helped make present day China what it is. And they also made USA America what it is... an emaciated militaristic octopus.


yep, but wall street and washington are happy so what's the problem? read a blog on huff post yesterday that only 8% of those polled want to see their representatives in washington be reelected and members of both parties are at a record low for distrust of anything washington. the blame, well deserved, was put on how obama and the dems promised a lot and failed to deliver on anything but continuing to protect and enhance big business/wall street. if this is so will people finally vote for a third party candidate or at least someone new? i sure hope so. i never vote for incumbents.

david beasley

people who don't vote incumbants put W. in.


technically there wasn't an incumbent president running against bush. al gore had been vp but not president. and the supreme court made w president, not the voters. anymore i want to vote for "none of the above".


We got a foot of snow here in Texas these past few days. I heard a radio personality joking about how this proves once and for all there is no global warming. I just laughed...


that's said around here in southern illinois all the time. the correct terminology is climate change. that makes all the difference. i say climate change and people take it much more seriously.

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