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February 22, 2010



How is this hypocrisy?


one cannot criticize a government program and then make use of said and not be hypocritical. just like the repubs who vocally opposed the stimulus and voted against it and then headed home to brag how they were responsible for bringing the dollars to their district as if they were saviors. we might dub the repubs the "do as i say, not as i do" gang.


What Zero said:) Well done, zero!


REgarding hypocrisy etc;, this article by George Lakoff explains why "conservatives" aren't bothered too much by hypocrisy.

It's a little long but worth reading.


evagrius, that was worth the read. of this i think....

"The conservatives are not fools. Because their highest value is protecting and extending the conservative moral system itself, giving Obama any victory at all would strengthen Obama and weaken the hold of their moral system. Of course they were going to vote against every proposal and delay and filibuster as often as possible. Protecting and extending their worldview demands it.

Obama seems not to have understood this -- or wants to appear that way."

the first lakoff paragarph explains the conservatives (repubs). that one sentence sums up obama (and the dems) completely.

he/they seem not to understand or want to appear that way. methinks the corporate owned obama/dems are using the repubs for cover because they don't want do do anything for the citizens either.


Hypocrisy or not, it is unChristian and deplorable how many of you relish and celebrate pointing out the hypocrisy in "them," when Jesus was much more interested in getting folks to worry about the log in their own eye. So what if Sarah Palin is a hypocrite! So is Obama! So is zero, so is evagrius, so is Chuck, and so am I! None of us live by the standards we say we believe in, and we are all guilty of it.

Chuck, I'd love for you to post a few blog posts on your own hypocrisy. I'd have a lot more respect for you if that was coupled with your criticism of Palin et al because it shows that you are not merely concerned with pointing out the flaws in others. No doubt you are celebrating Dick Cheney's hospitalization rather than on your knees praying for his health.


chuck can speak for himself but i would say about this latest doug screed that all the people we criticize or question in discussions here are duly elected to government office, offices the voters put them into by virtue of their votes. this means that the elected persons do not act on their own behalf or the behalf of party or special interests. they are to be representing the citizens of the country. when their actions are contrary to whatever words they speak or positions/votes they take they are hypocritical and often worse. the job, the duty of the citizen is to speak up when those elected to office do not do well by citizens. most just complain. i write or call my own representatives on an almost daily basis. i speak up for myself and the votes i cast. this is my participation in government. i wish everyone was as active and as vocal as me. i wish i were more active and more vocal as others. i don't think we are heard but i speak nonetheless.


zero, how is that working out for you? Have any of your misrepresentatives changed because you called?

"Screed"? Seriously? Sorry you can't take the log out of your own eye. Jesus didn't caveat and say, "...unless they are an elected official." Sorry, I don't buy that argument. That's about as pathetic an argument as those who say that Jesus' advice to "love your neighbor" and to "turn the other cheek" was for personal ethics, so it's okay for nations to go to war.


It matters, Doug, to point this out because it effects so many and further corrupts public discourse. These folks put themselves forward in major ways as persons we should follow. They impact huge numbers of persons, and the self-serving nature of their hypocrisy matters and should be pointed out. I think you should feel free, of course, to interpret that point as you wish, but I do not buy that these inconsistencies should be ignored because "we are all hypocrites" at some level.
I think that actually becomes empowering to the hypocrisy.


I'm fine with pointing out hypocrisy, but why aren't you pointing out Obama's? Why aren't you pointing out Sojourners's? Why only conservatives/republicans? Maybe I've not been around this blog long enough, but my hunch is I'll find very little finger pointing at anything other than "them."



it took awhile to get the information about the faith community i was going to introduce you to but i finally got it. instead of giving the pastor your email address i'm linking the website for you to read. if you want to know more you can make a contact from the website.


doug, most of the time it seems it does no good whatsoever to make so much noise toward my elected representatives but that doesn't make the effort meaningless.


Chuck... it's been a few weeks. Care to answer why you won't point out the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration? Or Sojourners? Or non-conservatives/republicans/libertarians?

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