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February 15, 2010


david beasley

The same folks who are for 110% militaristic internatinal intervention ala Cheney blueprint for single Republican (Cheney)presidential control that handicaps world wide life ARE somehow irrationally against government intervention in medicine, education, social support for the poor and even emergensy help for such as Katrina victims (except when a photo op is the mandate.) Makes me ask again, "What defines being a Christian, really?" The wording: American Christian or Christian American might be a clue. What did Paul of the NT mean when he spoke of the state or governemnt being appointed by God to help people? Was he thinking of Caesar's Rome? Can we think of Hitler's Germany? Or Bush's America? Or Wall Street/Pentagon's empire?


the crazy part is people are against the government helping to ensure the common good for others but they want it for themselves. i know people who rail against programs but they or other members of their families are on disability or other government support. it's good for them but not for others. it's no different from the rich being set and not caring about anyone else. it's just where the money comes from. people need to read jeremy rifkin's new book, the empathetic civilization. i plan to. (it's being blogged about alot on the huff post so read more about it there).

david beasley

Well his own folk, God's chosen with a little help from their friends in the church and city hall crucified the guy who said, "love your neighbor is not enough... love your enemy also if you want to know God's kinda of expectations." That too is the crazy part of the people who call themselves Christians.


when a culture is structured so that people really can't live their faith, then either faith has to change or the culture has to change. that won't be happening any time soon. there's not a lot to be optimistic about. the proof of this surfaces daily. sometimes hourly. definitely in full force since the supreme court put w in the white house and it hasn't really changed under obama. he's a liar if ever there was one.


Unfortunately, Chuck, the market is not what is driving the health insurance industry. That you fail to see this is proof of your refusal to abandon your anti-market sentiments.

Fact: Health insurance companies enjoy protection from anti-trust legislation
Fact: health insurance companies enjoy an oligopoly in virtually every state
Fact: Government pays for 50% of all health care services; insurance companies pay for 40%; the remaining 10% is out of pocket

there are plenty more facts that disprove the notion that the health insurance "market" is at all part of a free market. The reality is that government is dramatically distorting the health care "market" which is driving up the costs. Those are just off the top of my head. We need less government intervention in the market of health care, and more government guarantees of protection against fraud, theft, and deceptive practices (none of which I'll deny exist). Government is not here to provide for us, but to protect us.


Doug, that you keep saying this shows how little you appreciate the implications of your own ideology. I'll try to help get into that more, but it is going to take a time.


Chuck, sorry you don't see it that way, but it is so blatantly obvious that the government has a stranglehold on the insurance industry, or perhaps that the insurance industry is in bed with the government, that I suppose I feel like you do about all the global warming deniers: it's simply pointless to try to point out what's right in front of your face. Refusing to believe it by claiming my ideology (which has nothing to do with insurance companies being in cahoots with the government) doesn't change the truth.

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