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January 11, 2010



This is very funny in a peculiar sort of way.


Yeah, maybe she can interview Katie:)


I think this is just illustrative of how politics in the U.S. has degenarated.

But, after decades of being told that government is the problem, perhaps this is the result.


palin, w bush, reagan. all of them. they aren't the problem. the american public that buys into this nonsense is the problem. all this does is allow wealth and power to keep it and get more because the people are paying attention to nonsense.


Actually I think it's the press;

As long as the press keeps making politics into some type of "Dallas" soap opera, there will be no resolution to the political crisis.


Perhaps we could asked Harry Reid to comment on Palin's electability? ;-)


the "corporate" press does play a role. no doubt about that. but why do people buy what the press is selling? the ten commandents begins with the one god deal and all around us i see people worshipping at the feet of false stars, sports figures, experts of all stripes, reality show "regular folks", religious leaders (even if this is just the local pastor), and on and on. people believe nonsense from nonsense sources and are pulled right in to the way nonsense wants them to think and behave. so much for freedom. yeah. ask harry!

david beasley

Consumerism consumes us. America that is. It begat Sarah Palin. (whom I oddly write like) After days of not posting what I started about this topic seems correct herein... consumerism of the masses has done us in. Advertising and payola to politicola. Wall streetism protected by the Pentagon in shadowed lies by the leadership voted into office by sheep who baa baa through their voices of newtrush monsters chewing stinking cigars. CIA stealing tvs. Ahhhgggrrrr my beloved homeland ahhhgggrrrr to Palin the paladin who looks like draculah to me.

david beasley

Pacts with Satan? Drones drop our souls (USA MADE) onto Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemenland and Lord knows where next while these we buy FOX another smoking cigar and most awesome wonder popularity wise where Tiger's putter has been? Impaling th'Left Palin (the now monied past choice of Mc Cain still guffawing and at liberty clawing along with Americans within the boundaries of the land of the Pentagon and Xi) does have a slick hottotty brain to pad future homeland security with what she consumes. And Hollywood's Mass 2010 puts out yet another violent messiah apocalyptic hoedown missing the point of God's judgement plan for man through the Nazarene... a pacifist. It strikes a chord for a song that while we cry for Haiti we bomb and bomb and bomb like the vision of the Dadaists 100 years ago seeing machines in killing fields obomba in other's lands.


david, reading your writing is an adventure. it's your mind. palin doesn't have one so her words have no thoughts behind them. it's just gibberish because whatever people try to cram into her head doesn't stick and she mixes it up with her own nonsense. the dude from the mccain campaign said the vp debate was a nightmare in that, during practice (really? there was practice?) she kept calling biden o'biden and they couldn't get her to stop doing that. i wonder how mccain feels about having unleashed this negative force on the country.

david beasley

McCain? I still always recall a photographic image of his head to the breast... the heart?... of Geo. W. Bush. I believe McCain follows a shallow politician's creed and on top of that he is delusional and arrogant in wealth and power. An out of control bulldozer? ... if empowered with the key from his beloved W.


the w reference is apt. palin is w with lipstick. maybe worse than w. it would seem that mccain is mean-spirited with a bad temper. that's the word that comes from those who work with him on capitol hill. yikes.

david beasley

Well, it is Sunday I again I am at home. Not being Monday I search for Sunday things to think about... you know? Chuck asks of "Revelations in the Palin Candidacy" and what it comes down to is living with the two legged virulent in a love paradigm (Sunday things), life affirming perspective through the oddly death centered paradigm of Jesus of Nazareth who touched others skin to skin and breath to breath and his original chroniclers trying to communcate "him"... along with the millions afterwards doing there best to "say something" about it all in the moving history of humankind. I realized this once in epiphany while living on the Concord River in Henry David Thoreau's family neighborhood in Concord, Massachusetts. I have written the word "concord" twice... now thrice. "Harmonious, agreement, congruity,"
zero, If anything Dr. Cuch has taught me it is to look even closer at the opposing folk's arguments and the way they twist things to their needs, means and ends. I realize I just called a woman a "draculah" That's pretty mean (Monday-Saturday things). Well.

My adult 22 year olds epiphany in Concord, Mass was when one winter I threw open the window and influenza. (My ganddaddy's joke.) I had the flu bug and after bedtime for 2 days and cabin fever struck I went for a walk with my flu bug in the icy snow sidewalks of Concord's town. It seemed appropriate to take flue bug (s)he out with me since I had no choice with this very personal, close "other" who came to be with me. It is like that with Palin's introduction into my life, the life of the USA American citizen. A Christ follower. A often times confused human. I guess. Antidotal prescription for the Palin candidacy: Take precautionary measures to coexist in whatever comfort I may find... until "it" which mingles with my own existence in good and evil is gone. But then comes another evoled into mostly the same ****. Unless I go first. Then Satan will probably way long outlast me and my struggles to be wit the Christ Jesus here on earth as in afterlife hopes forever more.
Well zero have a happy MLKjr, day.


too bad there's not a vaccination for bad actors in the political world, david. because, even though we mere mortals just want to live a decent, peaceful existence, the bad actors (and most of them are no matter what label they give themselves) find ways everyday to keep the rest of us from finding that peace. and it happens all over the world.

i am currently reading a book about the jfk murder by james w. douglass entitled JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE, why he died and why it matters. this is a very differnt take on the entire incident. the thesis is that jfk was murdered by the bad actors in govt/business who didn't like that he was making steps to ensure peace for all mankind. how better to continue the cold war, the vietnam war, the war machine than to get rid of a prince of peace? this is also why, he writes, that mlk, rfk and others were gunned down. can't be having movements toward peace that actually stick. that's why pope john paul 2 was shot. he was messing with poland and trying to make it better for us mere mortals. no, david. we can't be secure in the knowledge that we are even safe in our own small lives because we are not. and, to my despair, voting doesn't seem to make a dent.

david beasley

I am currently reading Seamus Heaney's Beowulf.
it is comparable to your reading about JFK in that this ancient Geat hero kills 2 of 3 evils but the 3rd, a wyrm-dragon gets him in the end. The Danes Beowulf saved from Grendel and The Hag had the Swedes lurking at their borders as Beowulf sails away to Geatland. Comparable is the head ever raised up from the dark as evil is the political message you seem to be saying to me. Beautiful old peace warrior Ghandi was shot dead politically after surviving the British atrocities... all as misquided as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemenland and Israel and America and Haiti.
Discusiing pacifism and Jesus and American militarism:
I had a Sunday School teacher tell me that African pirates had no right to mess with American ships. And even though she was a pacifist she backed 100% the state's right to blow the pirates away dead. Interesting I thought and shrugged the challenge off. I wondered that day about the personal lives of African pirates and American ships of state. Who is the pirate and who the victim? What American Christian was ordered to pull a trigger to murder a pirate human by duty to the state said by this Sunday School teacher to be above love for God's created brother or sister in grace and forgivenesses (plurality of forgiveness continued by the awesome depth of a sad Father's love like an endless well wherein He is the only light) . etc.

david beasley

"Behaviour that's admired is the path to power among people's everywhere." is the Beowulf poet's thoughts in his heroic world of might = right. But what is so problematic is that "behaviour that's admired" is one thing to one group and another to others... so much so they kill over the diff. Except the behaviour that gets out of the killing cycle (cycle of Cain)... everyday is Jesus of Nazareth's Day.


everyone and anyone can admire to their hearts' content and they do. the rub is that they don't want that to have to be translated into action they must emulate. even if they say they believe and follow. or they convince themselves that not following the way is somehow excused because of need, means justifying ends and all that nonsense. on this site i have been called a socialist and a marxist for my views, but what it is, really, is trying to be what we are called to be. being what jesus calls for us to be interferes with making money and being important and having power and all such factors. this book i'm reading causes me a great deal of sadness. however, i'm going to finish it because so much of it is from information declassified in the last 12 years or so and knowing this and understanding what it means is vital to really getting it about how this world functions. in haiti, you can be sure that wealth and power haven't suffered for the last five days awaiting for help. just like all the saudis flew out of the u.s. immediately after sept 11 even though no planes were supposed to be in the air. do the meek really inherit the earth?


Interesting about the JFK assasination.

I've been convinced for a long time that something happened during the 60's and early 70's that changed the U.S.

I know that quite a few blame the 60's for all the mess etc; but, if one examines what went on, it seems clear that there was a tremendous effort, successful in many ways, to derail real social/ political/economic change that could have made the U.S. what it was meant to be.

After all, look at who was assasinated...beginning with Malcom X, JFK, MLK, RFK.

Look at other figures who died untimely deaths; Thomas Merton, John Coltrane ( you may not know about the latter- he was a "classical Afro-American musician" ( i.e; jazz), whose music deepened into a spiritual search for God...he had tremendous influence among musicians. He died of liver cancer at age 41).

There were probably others, many others, who died, ( perhaps even the famous rock musician legends we know about) unusual deaths.

At any rate, each of these had a tremendous influence on the generation coming of age in the 60's and early 70's. They were guides, mentors, teachers and fellow seekers.

Having lost their voices, that generation also lost their way. Not just drugs and sex and rock but also money seeking became their goal.

As a child, I grew up in France and saw no T.V. until I was 11 or so. I missed the early TV children's shows, among them Howdy Doodie.

When I first saw Reagan, I thought of Howdy Doodie. I mentioned this to friends who hadn't thought of this at all.

Uncle Ronnie seduced the young generation with his Howdy Doodie cheerfulness and blather about wealth.

The rest we know about. Sara Palin is a female Howdy Doodie.


sarah palin as howdy doody? with a dose of w's, alfred e newman's, "what me worry?" and john mccain's mean streak.

as for the 60s i do believe everything changed for america as this time unfolded. the layers of just trusting in what govt said and not questioning anything that govt did completely changed. i was eleven when jfk was murdered and thereafter it was one horrible event after another going right into the 70s with all that went wrong in that decade. then we got uncle ronnie and the "let them eat cake" crowd when greed was good and, man, in my entire life there's been no reason to trust in the govt of this country. my father and i often argue about this. he thinks i'm cynical and distrusting and think the worst about america. he's a ww2 veteran and a product of the depression and believing in it all. i tell him this is why the two of us see it all so differently. our experience with what america was for us.

interesting that you would mention thomas merton because this jfk book is written with a lot of merton in it. unspeakable in the title is what merton called the removal of a president who did not tow the line for power. the author quotes much of merton's writings in this book and one letter he wrote predicts that jfk is going on the road to peace but that won't be acceptable and the unspeakable will happen, which it did. the author also talks about jfk from a perspective that's not been touched upon, his humanity and concern, not his nonsense. part of letting all of that out about jfk was to tarnish him and make him less credible. (no doubt he had flaws but these have been highlighted to keep focus off the real issues jfk cared about and pursued).

it's tough to be a part of a world where one knows that everything around them is being manipulated for the benefit of the few. why don't the masses revolt against this?

david beasley

I'll probably order me a copy of JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE.You might like another relevant Beowulf quote:
"Anyone with gumption and a sharp mind will take the measure of two things: what's said and what's done." -- The Watchman speaks to Beowulf. Who comes to mind?

yeah you right. Love it. And someone named Buffalo Bob is really in charge?
Also about Coltrane is remarkble in that he recovered from heroin addiction, kicked it to become a Christian to invent and play his incredible jazz spirituals. I still have my 1960s bought Ascension vynal.

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