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January 08, 2010



i've banked at a community bank for the last 10 years and it's refreshing compared to the bloodsuckers known as big banks. hopefully this campaign will be effective, if nothing else, in making the voice of the people heard. in the economy, don't we "vote" with where we put/use/spend our money? this should make the free market dudes who post here happy; people making decisions about what companies are worth their dollars?


I've had my money in the U.S. in a credit union for years.

I live in Canada now and the banks were never involved in the financial mess except indirectly. There's very tight regulations about banking in Canada, not to mention social pressure.


oh, for a little of canada here in america. i don't get where people think this is such a great country. i'm ashamed of a lot of it.


My bank wasn't bailed out, but it was bought by one that was. I'm thinking of switching to a regional/local bank.


please do. that way you'll keep your dollars out of the hands of the bailed out banks.

besides moving money to community banks, i read the suggestion that people get rid of their credit cards because even credit cards issued by community banks are mostly owned (the companies behind the cards) are the large, bailed out banks. i have not had a credit card for years and do not feel as though i'm at risk or am missing out. even the allure of "points" (rewards) for purchases do not entice because ultimately, we pay for those rewards by what the credit card companies charge in fees and interest rates. if people would get rid of the credit cards (or only have one and use it only in extreme circumstances and not carry a balance), that would also hurt the bottom line of the big, bailed out banks.


We pay cash for everything, though we do pay for my wife's school on an Amazon VISA card because the points yield us free books... then we pay off the card each month. We don't pay a dime in interest, and we don't use credit cards except for large purchases... for instance, I just received Jim Wallis's book in the mail, "free" because of the points.

As soon as my wife is done school, the card is gone.

As for having a credit card as an emergency, I don't advocate that. Putting money into savings could do the same. It may take some time at first, but imagine the shock of the CC company's rep. when you call to cancel, and say your emergency fund is larger than your line of credit!


I have always used smaller credit union type banks. They have better rates and services than the larger places, and if I ever have a problem I can speak to someone face to face instead of in India in a call center...just my two cents!

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