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January 22, 2010


david beasley

My little collection of bonsai has been hit hard by this 2010 winter freezes in the south. Most bonsai go through out of doors living through the four seasons while some come inside for winter protection. I have by our computer at the window in the western wall of our house a pyracantha also known as "fire thorn" bonsai which was frost bitten last month and brought inside to heal.
It is more than fascinating to watch daily the new green leafs come out of the black rugged angular thorny limbs. Just dots of green (.) last week are now perhaps a hundred little leafs working on leaf work to support root and trunk and limb work. And I as a provider independent of the dependent plant work too for it and my own well being invested in that plant somehow. Somehow I see an economics but cannot quiet deliver the message. Probably does not make sense to others.


it makes perfect sense. and your part was significant, david. you actually brought the little guy into safety so it could heal.


At last, someone comes up with the "right" answre!

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