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November 11, 2009


Ben Woodard

When I worked in Eastern Ky for Habitat, I met a young United Methodist in Booneville. He complained about Christian folks in the mountains saying that the "do-gooders" from outside the area came in and took care of the sick, helped the poor, but rarely mentioned Jesus. And the local fundamentalist folks preached "Jesus, Jesus," but never did Jesus's work. He was praying that they would come together and help each other do both. I glad to see that what he prayed for does exist. God bless you for what you do, Bro.

don woolley

Sounds great!

I met and heard some lectures by Volf a couple weeks ago. I read Exclusion and Embrace on your recommendation - thanks!


this blog post is a good follow up to the previous one. yes, we should all be a part of a justice revival. as far as speaking about jesus, is word really necessary? if we are living his word and doing as he implored, aren't we speaking volumes? words have been demonstrated by many to be extremely cheap. having been raised catholic we were taught what we did spoke louder than any words. and doesn't the bible itself offer parables about action and words? show me, don't tell me, please.

(it's a happy day for me that i decided to look to see if anyone was here. i found friends to talk to! just before thanksgiving, that's something i'm very thankful for! welcome back, everyone and mr chuch! i've been waiting for you.)


zero! my hero:) How are ya gal?

Wayne Cox

~"participation in the struggle for social justice is not something one adds to being a Christian, but rather that it is at the center of what it means to follow the Crucified One!"

Well said, Chuck. Hope y'all's time in Dallas is great!

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