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May 31, 2009



this person claims that god said not to murder the unborn. what is the basis for this claim?

don woolley

I'm not sure what he is referencing. I think caring for the most vulnerable, though, covers the unborn. I think dehumanizing an unborn child, allows for killing them.


perhaps so. however, this is one area of life that i believe is absolutely no one's business but the woman's and those most intimately close to her. those who are so "pro" life that they are willing to take a life are not pro life. nor are people who believe in war, the death penalty, allowing the most vulnerable among us to live in poverty and dangerous situations; those who are the most "pro" life who would never consider lifting a finger to help those already born. tell me, then, how these individuals can be called pro-life? when these people care about the living as much as the unborn then they might have standing.

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