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April 23, 2009



It's hard to believe that this issue is even being debated by the media. I'm not sure that "keep walking" is even an option now, despite Ms. Noonan's wishes.

Jeremy J

Chuck, for me the most disturbing thing about all of this is just how badly the conservatives are responding to the fact that our country tortured and that it was approved by the highest levels of the Bush Administration, instead of condemning the acts they keep trying to sweep them under the rug or insist that they are side show or they try like Noonan to perform a David Copperfield act by convincing us to not look behind the scene and just be thrilled with the great mysteries of life! Sorry, but not even Dorothy and Toto fell for that line.

I have never seen so many people try so hard to try and cover up the fact that we allowed our nation to give up on principles and grasp onto utilitarianism and yet still claim that we can be the voice of morality in the world.

I love what Shepard Smith said about it, and he seems to be the sole voice of reason and vision coming from the Right.

Here he really goes off (language NSFW)

There needs to be more of this type of reaction.

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