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February 24, 2006


Brad Anderson

Chuck, there's no link on the conference speaker one.


i was expecting profound, brad, and i read "teacher, this doesn't work!" as hand waves wildly in the air.....

the two articles on the port operations;
too funny, indeed. wonder how the repubs will say they aren't against bush as they criticize him? and wonder how giving away the store is good for national security? (i thought a contrarian like me had novel thoughts but these are so breathtakingly so, it's remarkable!).


Sorry, Brad, fixed now. Thanks for the catch!

Brad Anderson

I make allusions to Far Side, and you're expecting something profound? :-)


the imagine i had of you with telling chuck a link didn't work had me imagining you as a far side cartoon! and, i don't know about you, but i find profound in cartoons......

Brad Anderson

I do too, and The Far Side has its share, but I lean toward Calvin and Hobbes myself.


oh, calvin and hobbes has to be one of the best ever created. there's such depth in that little world. remarkably so.

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