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November 19, 2005



ah! wonderful, chuck. both the song and analysis. freedom and being anchored at once. that's precisely child development theory....very young children, who have learned to walk and have some autonomy, in studies, are videotaped playing on their own for awhile and then returning to their mother seated nearby. this pattern repeats itself over and over. the anchor, mother, is present as the two year old has freedom. but only freedom based on an anchor. the kite that flys can only soar if attached to the string, held firmly on the ground. beautiful for a saturday morning. thank you.


it's sunday morning and there's cspan2 booktv playing on tv. just a half hour ago, an author was interviewed. just listening while being busy, i was struck by the compassion and understanding of the author to the point that i got chills! he is john hubner. his book is "last chance in texas--the redemption of criminal youth".
along with this song's posting and our previous discussions about the prisons in this country, this came at just the right moment to hear. this book is definitely one to read.


Thanks, Zero, for your additional insights and for connecting with this book and author.


you are welcome, chuck.
enjoy your time with friends and colleagues.

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