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July 28, 2006



You're not missing anything. First, the President has said that to defeat this terror ideology we must use the ideology of freedom, but in reality we use violence... and violence breeds more violence.

Second, he talks about getting to the root of the problem, which he always sums up as, "They hate our freedoms and what we stand for." Well, the fact is that for many decades we have stood for abusing and taking advantage of the Middle East for our own purposes.

Philip  Koplin

intriguing to watch what passes for a mind inside the man's head cycling through past sound bites (including stuff about 9/11 being relevant to the invasion of Iraq) in a desperate attempt to come up with enough verbiage to cover his complete inability to address the question.


Omar, well said, as only one with your insight could add. By the way, I've often meant to link to some of your articles, but have been pretty swamped. Feel free to add the link with your comment when I don't get them into the main body.


Philip, trenchant analysis, my friend.

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