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July 31, 2006



I have seen Rob several times. Always thought-provoking. Sometimes dicey on "historical background" in his work with biblical texts, but...he seems actually to be engaging texts -- which, these days, is worth celebrating, period. I wonder if you saw the NYT report on Sunday about Greg Boyd -- a megachurch pastor who doesn't sound very mega-churchy! His faith-politics stance is too far on the anabaptist side for me, but, still, a breath of fresh air simply for going against the evangelical-political mainstream. And, while on the subject, did you see the interview in Christianity Today of Bush's ex-speech writer. Astounding comments, I thought, since he seemed set on disentangling the church from any political party and reflected on the good-ol' days when the Other Party (Dems) was the party of choice for Christians. Sounds like there are growing numbers of voices in the wilderness..... / Eutychus.


I have seen those other articles. I must say, the piece by Gerson had me wondering. The perception of the kinds of things he has put in bush speeches makes some of the comments in this article sound, well, inconsistent, I suppose. The piece on Boyd was good, and my sentiments were very much along the lines of what you say. Wish he was a little less "anabaptist," but glad to hear what he had to say overall. I'll have to keep an eye out for Bell, sounds like first hand experience would be worthwhile.

Brad Anderson

I have a feeling it's those "anabaptist" tendencies I liked best about him... :-)

Jonathan Davenport

You can access some of Bell's preaching at the Mars Hill website. A friend of mine (a fellow UM'er) went to this church while I was living in Detroit and was very upbeat about him -- told me I must check him out. I have found that he has an interesting way of presenting historical background and preaching on Bible stories in fresh and engaging ways -- definitely has a way of locking things in your memory, and he also presents Christ often as a radical challenge to the political system of his day (and ours!).



Rob Bell is very dynamic. The critiques I've heard is that he appropriates a lot of rabbinical material that is later than Jesus in his interpretation of the gospels. This is second hand and I haven't looked at it myself - just something I've read. He's fascinating in person - I heard him at a Youth Specialties convention talking about the Spirit in the OT.


One more thing on Rob Bell -- You can access him from time to time via the podcast: Mars Hill Church Sermon Video. I say "from time to time" since others sermonize as well...


Oops. Sorry. Wrong name -- that podcast is for Mark Driscoll over in Seattle. / Eutychus


Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell, they sound alike:>)


Seriously:>), what do you think of the movement that seems to be arising with the likes of McLaren, Bell, et al? What do you think the "upsides" and "downsides" might be?

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